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Significant Cases

  • State vs G.A. (2013)

    Stay of Adjudication on Subsequent Felony Drug Charge - Client received a Stay of Adjudication for felony drug charges, on a second time around, due to the unique circumstances of his file.  A Stay of Adjudication is not normally allowed for a person’s second time being charged with a felony level drug offense.  Both cases involved felonies.

  • State vs P.S. (2013)

    Domestic Assault Charge Dismissed - We moved the Court to dismiss a Domestic Assault on the basis that there was no probable cause for the charge. In careful analysis, the Court agreed. The record established that client “pushed” the alleged victim in such a manner that she did not fall, nor sustain bodily injury.  Following the “push,” the alleged victim did not appear upset.  The Court went on to state, “Without knowing more about the circumstances surrounding Defendant’s physical contact with (alleged victim), the Court is left to speculate that the contact may have been wholly incidental and inoffensive.” Therefore, the Court concluded that there was insufficient evidence to establish that defendant intended to cause (to the alleged victim) fear of immediate bodily harm or death by the “push.”

  • State vs B.D. (2013)

    Terroristic Threats dismissed, No Conviction on Assault - Client was charged with second degree assault for brandishing a knife in front of a group of people. Client was also charged with Felony Terroristic Threats. The Terroristic Threat charge was dismissed. The client received a stay of adjudication on the assault on the second degree, with no executed jail time. He committed significant efforts in changing his life for the better, and in demonstrating his willingness to be law abiding and to be a positive role model in our community, which helped toward the sucessful resolution of the criminal case..

  • State vs S.E. (2013)

    Rape Allegation Dismissed - An Order For Protection (OFP) action was brought against our client, alleging rape. The case was dismissed by agreement of the parties, no OFP issued.

  • State vs S.M. (2013)

    Order for Protection (OFP) Violation Reduced, Charges Dismissed - Client was charged with three separate complaints of Order For Protection (OFP) Violation. Client faced the threat of increased penalties due to the multiple violations. Client pleaded to one misdemeanor charge of OFP Violation, with the other two charges being dismissed. There was no executed jail time.

  • State vs Z.N. (2013)

    Domestic Assault Charge Dismissed - Client was charged with Domestic Assault and 911 Call Interference. The State accused our client, of assaulting his roommate, and interfering with an emergency call to 911. We negotiated with the prosecutor, arguing that the State's witness was not reliable, and had falsely accused our client. We tendered an Alford Plea, getting client a stay of adjudication on the 911 Interference charge and dismissal of the assault charge. Client thus was not convicted, avoided jail time, and kept his record free of these charges.

  • State vs B.A. (2013)

    Driving After Cancellation/Stay of Adjudication - Client was charged with Driving After Cancellation/Inimical to Public Safety (DAC/IPS), violation of the State's Ignition Interlock requirements, and Failure to Comply with License Plate Impoundment Order.  A settlement agreement had been reached between the parties, involving a plea to the DAC/IPS and dismissal of the other charges.  However, at the Plea/Sentencing hearing, after having heard Calvin Johnson's sentencing argument made on behalf of the client, the prosecutor amended his original recommendation, and encouraged the Court's consideration of a stay of adjudication.  As a result, client was able to keep the gross misdemeanor charge off his record, while also maintaining his driving record and driving privileges.

  • G.R. vs Commissioner of Public Safety (2013)

    Order for "Whiskey Plates" Reversed - Client was charged with the State's notice of intent to impound the license plates on any and all motor vehicles owned solely, or jointly, by client, including the vehicle driven by his wife.  We requested an administrative review of the State's intent to impound his wife's license plates, and won, on the basis that the title had been transferred solely to the wife, after the date of the alleged incident, but prior to the effective period of the plate impoundment order.  As such, we were successful in convincing the State to amend its own order, while saving our client the hardship of timely and costly court appearances and other court fees.

  • State vs T.G.(2013)

    Domestic Assault Charges Dismissed - Client was charged with Domestic Assault and Criminal Damage to Property.  After thorough review by the Calvin P. Johnson Law Firm, it was determined that there was virtually no police investigation to determine the truthfulness of the allegations made in the case.  We found that the allegations were not made in truth, but rather as a play for power in an ongoing divorce/custody dispute.  The charges of Domestic Assault were dismissed entirely.  Client tendered an Alford Plea with a Stay of Adjudication on the Criminal Damage, maintaining his innocence.

  • State vs H.Z. (2013)

    Felony Theft Charge Dismissed - Client was charged with two counts of Theft and three counts of Burglary. Working with the prosecution, our client, pleaded guilty to one count of Receiving Stolen Property. All other charges were dismissed. Restitution was negotiated and ordered.

  • State vs S.D. (2013)

    OFP (Order for Protection) Petition Dismissed - A Petition seeking an Order for Protection (OFP) was filed against our client, alleging physical harm to a minor. Through investigative interviews with the petitioner, along with thorough review of Court records and documentation, we were able to reveal the fraudulent and unfounded nature of the allegations. All charges were dropped and the Petition was dismissed.

    We sought, and the Court ordered petitioner to pay all attorney fees incurred by our client.

  • State vs W.A. (2013)

    Domestic Assault Charges Dismissed - Client was charged with Domestic Assault. A DANCO (Domestic Abuse No Contact Order) prohibited any and all contact with the alleged victim. After protracted negotiations with the State, all charges and orders were dismissed.

  • State vs G.N. (2013)

    No Conviction on Felony Assault Charge - Client was charged with 2nd and 3rd Degree Assault, based on an allegation of assault with a dangerous weapon, where bodily injury occurred. With patient diligence and investigation, we were able to garner a stay of adjudication on one count, with the two remaining counts being dismissed. Restitution was ordered, and our client's record remains clean of this incident.