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Significant Cases

  • State vs S.N. (2012)

    Client was charged with a barroom brawl that resulted in a cut in the alleged victim’s face, requiring eight stitches. Client pleaded guilty to a Disorderly Conduct, as a petty misdemeanor, with no jail.

    Client utilized self-defense as the main defense for his case.  Self-defense encompasses the “justifiable use of force.”

  • State vs L.C. (2012)

    Felony Assault Dismissed- Client was charged with two Counts of Felony Domestic Assault. The State dismissed the charges, prior to the Omnibus hearing, without the necessity of any court appearance.

  • State vs D.L. (2012)

    No Conviction on Felony Drug Charge - Client was charged with one count of 5th Degree Sale. Client received a Stay of Adjudication, no jail, and a fine. Client works and resides outside of Minnesota. Negotiations with State resulted in no probation. Court supervision of client until fine paid.

  • State vs W.J. (2012)

    Felony Drugs/Illegal Possession of a Firearm Charge Dismissed - Motion was made to dismiss the charge of possession of illegal weapon, based upon lack of constructive possession. The Court granted a motion in pre-trial proceedings. As a result, the mandatory prison sentence was not applicable.

  • State vs M.J. (2012)

    Driving After Cancellation/Hit and Run Charges Dismissed - Client comes in with an alibi. He was home, with witnesses, when he was accused of driving a vehicle, causing an accident, and leaving the scene. Our office initiated a case investigation, and referred our reports over to the police department. Upon further investigation, client was exonerated, and the State dismissed the complaint without the necessity of a hearing or court trial.

  • State vs D.A. (2012)

    Felony Assault with a Weapon Dismissed, Charges Reduced - Client was ordered to serve 8 days county jail, despite the fact that he had been charged with Assault in the 2nd Degree, for the accusation of threatening the alleged victim with a shotgun.  The gun charge was dismissed, and client pleaded guilty with an Alford plea, to a lesser charge.  Significantly, the case had mandated a prison sentence, which was not necessary given the disposition.  The client received a Stay of Imposition of Sentence, making the Felony a Misdemeanor, upon successful completion of probation.  Client’s success was made possible through considerable efforts to maintain his sobriety, and providing adequate verification to the Court.

  • State vs M.T. (2012)

    Driving After Cancellation (DAC) Charge Dismissed – Client was pulled over for speeding, and arrested for driving without a valid license.  As a result, the State issued an order for license plate impoundment (i.e.: “Whiskey Plates”).  Through case investigation by our office, we discoverd that the “computer generated” cancellation of client’s license by the State of Minnesota was not authorized, under the law.  Consequently, the Gross Misdemeanor charge of Driving After Cancellation was dismissed by the County Attorney in the interest of justice, without the necessity of any court hearings. Further, client’s license was fully reinstated, the regular license plates were returned, with fees refunded.