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Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana the Medicine

In 2014 Minnesota lawmakers approved a medical marijuana bill allowing the limited use of medical marijuana. The nine qualifying medical conditions include Cancer, Glaucoma, HIV, Tourette Syndrome, ALS, Siezures, muscle spasms, Crohn's Disease, and Terminal illness with a life expectency of less than one year. More recently, the list was amended to include retractable pain. 

We advocate for full legalization of marijuana, for medical, as well as economic benefits.

State v. Jon Hansen, II

Mr. Hansen would like to grow his own marijuana to deal with his own personal issues of depression and anxiety.  Through his own independent actions, he has discovered marijuana to be the most effective medicine for him.  In doing so, he also found that he did not have to smoke cigarettes, nor ingest alcohol, for the controlled mood change he endured using his best medicine.

He was charged in District Court with a felony for growing marijuana.  Three ounces of marijuana were found.  There is no indication that Mr. Hansen was dealing marijuana to others, only that he was using it for his own medical needs.  He kept it to himself, and valued the privacy of his own home. 

We went to Court, and we litigated. During that time, the Minnesota Legislature decided that marijuana is a medicine, in certain circumstances.  However, in our opinion, the Minnesota's medical marijuana law is discriminatory, because it does not account for the vast majority of medical uses that marijuana is regularly used for by the people of this Great State.

Our teams hopes this information serves as a benefit for all of you, as well as an inspiration to work for a new and better Minnesota.

The case of State v. Jon Hansen, II, had three fundamental premises, with numerous ancillary issues that have evolved therefrom. 

  1. The right to privacy, or to be left alone.
  2. The right to safe and effective healing alternatives, without adverse effects.
  3. The right to grow the crop that was part of American culture at the inception of this country: cannabis.

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California v. Pickard

Also view the official transcript provided by the California District Court, of testimony regarding this matter.

Jon Hansen II is fighting for his right to grow safe and effective medicinal marijuana for the treatment of his depression, with no harmful side effects.

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