Calvin P. Johnson Law Firm, LLC is a Mankato law firm specializing in criminal defense law. Our attorneys and staff have extensive experience handling: DUI / DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), Assault, Burglary, Terroristic Threats, Theft, Controlled Substance (Drug) Cases, Manslaughter, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Credit Card Fraud, Forgery, Welfare Fraud, Fraudulent Identity and more.

We provide competent, efficient, and cost-effective legal services for those accused of a crime.

We also provide civil representation for Expungments, Harrassment Restraining Orders, driver’s license revocations, motor vehicle forfeitures, license plate impoundment, and property forfeitures.

We help navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system, while minimizing the stress of being a defendant, by keeping you informed and in control of the major decisions that effect your case.  We consider significant immediate and long term consequences that may affect your life now and in the future, including your ability to make a living.

We help you to fully understand the charges against you. Our criminal defense attorneys focus on constitutional and fundamental rights.

Our clients feel safe and secure in their representation because we focus on the individual in providing thorough and effective legal representation.

Available 24/7, we provide free legal consultation (1/2 hour).
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Criminal Defense Law Firm, Mankato, MN