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Call or Email for a Free Consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Our office is open 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday. You may visit us in person at our office, at 427 South Broad Street, Mankato, to talk to our staff about scheduling a time for an attorney consultation.

We provide a free 1/2 hour initial consultation with our criminal defense attorneys, to ensure that you have immediate access to legal advice for your most important legal matters. Time limits are strictly observed in our court system, and we do not want you to lose any rights because you were not aware of the necessity of dealing with a matter immediately. Call today to talk to an attorney about your options.

For after-hour emergencies, we are available by phone 24/7. If you are being arrested, please remember you have the right to remain silent, and the right to contact an attorney. Call us now to make sure that you are aware of these very important protections.

In case of emergency, to reach a criminal defense attorney after hours, simply dial our phone, 507-345-4545 or 507 345-6789, and then push zero when prompted.

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