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Love vs. Power

Recently, in conversation with a relative who paid me to represent her child, it became apparent that she was focused on misrepresentation by the probation agent in dealing with her son.  She was very upset that a probation agent would engage in unethical behavior, including communications that exceeded professional boundaries.  The parent wanted retribution against the probation agent, including an order for protection.

Needless to say, I said that an order for protection would not be forthcoming, as it would only inflame the situation, and put the accused in a worse position than the child was already suffering.

Then I heard myself telling her:

Remember, all too often, my clients get in trouble because they are conducting a form of retribution.  We all want to get even.

There are two sources of energy here, love and power.  When we seek retribution, we are seeking power.  However, an accused has little room for retribution.  When he asks that retribution not apply to himself, it is difficult for him then to point the finger at another.

The other source of power is love.  In the criminal justice system, love triumphs over power.  Love is the trump card, always.

                                                                                                    -Calvin P. Johnson, Attorney at Law. 

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