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Mankato City Ordinance - Disruptive Intoxication

There is no State law in Minnesota prohibiting public intoxication.  However, the City of Mankato has declared it illegal to conduct yourself loudly in public, while under the influence of alcohol.  The police mainly enforce this ordinance against college students, with clean records, forever tainting their records with the mark of a criminal offense if convicted.

Employment opportunities are compromised for the rest of their lives, because the City of Mankato has been charging out Disruptive Intoxication without probable cause.

But, Mankato’s Disruptive Intoxication Ordinance is flawed.  The Ordinance does not define the level necessary to fail the PBT (Preliminary Breath Test).  Thus, if you do provide a PBT, you should not be convicted.

If you’ve received a citation for Disruptive Intoxication in the City of Mankato after providing a breath sample, you may have an opportunity to beat the charge.  We can help.  Call us (507) 345-6789.

Don’t let “Public Intoxication” appear on your record, discouraging potential employers from considering you as a viable candidate.

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