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Free Speech: The Individual Liberty

The Mankato Free Press has issued a wonderful editorial concerning the Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America. The question is: can the Mall of America prevent the protests?

The United States Supreme Court has said that they can, even though they are a facility open to the public, because in the final analysis, they are private property.

Judge Karen Janisch, however, considered the larger scale issues, which the Mankato Free Press calls “constitutional and legal minutiae of free speech…”

This is not legal minutiae.

Our US Constitution was founded, in many ways, by the Great Law of Peace that existed among the Iroquois’ nations, starting in the 12th century, here in North America. Our Supreme Court is thought to be a variant of the Women’s Council.

The Great Law of Peace was a means for creating harmony, unity, and respect among human beings. The hallmark is a recognition of our individual liberty. Not collectively, but as an individual do we retain the right of liberty, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” separation of powers, and three branches of government.

Judge Karen Janisch recognized the right of the individual in reaching a decision that honors our ability to go to public places and be heard, as an individual.

Remember the favor President George Bush gave to Minnesotans in the First Congressional District, when two high school students were ordered out of the quarry where President Bush was to give his re-election speech. Their teacher protested a student’s right to have a John Kerry bumper sticker on his billfold. This blatant prohibition of free speech enraged a community, and that high school teacher, Tim Walz, was elected to Congress.

The right of protest is not legal minutiae. It is a foundation of our way of being.

Thank you, Mankato Free Press, for recognizing that free speech must be jealously guarded.

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