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Blue Earth County Jail Roster

Some days it seems like the Blue Earth County Jail roster is the most popular website in Mankato.  Viewers of this website see what kind of trouble others in the community have gotten into.  The website lists the initial charges and time of arrest. This can be particularly damaging as the initial charges are oftentimes trumped-up and overblown, and do not properly reflect the truth of the situation.

For example, we often see suspects charged with Disorderly Conduct or Obstruction of Legal Process, simply for attempting to exercise their constitutional rights to remain silent or refusing the police entry into their homes. 

The public announcement of these charges on the Blue Earth County Jail roster can have serious, adverse consequences for these individuals.  There is nothing that can be done to prevent the public from viewing this website.

Remember, there are occasions in which innocent people are arrested and criminally charged.  Remember, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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