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Tell Michelle It's Wonderful to Be There

Tell Michelle its wonderful to be there. There, meaning at the hospital with her.

Michelle is my 18 year old niece who is very close to translating to the next world. Her parents and family surround her. I am married to her aunt, a LaZebnik.

I am grateful for this experience that Michelle is sharing with me, and her family.

I met Michelle in 2007, when I first started dating my wife.  I looked at her with my heart, and inner eyes, and saw an incredibly beautiful soul. Shining. She had been given a tough row to hoe in this lifetime. Throughout all challenges, her parents met her special needs. Truly remarkable individuals.

So now, over the phone, I remind my wife to thank Michelle, being in her presence.

My thoughts are taken aback to loss of loves that I have endured. I realize my strength comes from this past pain. My discipline commands me to stay in the present. I see the dilemma family members face as they envision the future.  There is pain in the future. There is pain in the past.  But there is no pain right now.  I attempt always to bring us back to the present, if possible. I always remember the words of one mentor who asked the question, “What do you say to this grieving person?”

The answer is simple: you say nothing. Instead, we speak with our presence.

Old Man LaZebnik has been summoned from Michigan, because he is a pillar in this family. He brings stability with his presence.

These times are precious, because this is where the rubber hits the road. Conversations tend to be more real, and genuine.  We are connecting on the inner, and not with mere words.

Love is the prevailing feeling.  Our guard is down, and we trust our hearts to open up. And they do. Love abounds. All because our precious little princess is taking her last few steps on this mortal coil.

I am truly amazed.

May the Blessings Be.