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Jon Hansen II Criminal Case Resolution

PRESS RELEASE: 8/10/2015  State of Minnesota vs. Jon Hansen II Case Settlement and Sentence

From:  The Calvin P. Johnson Law Firm, LLC.

          Jon Hansen II pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana today and received a stay of adjudication of sentence pursuant to Minn. Statute Section 152.18, in Brown County District Court, the Honorable Robert Docherty presiding.

          This case resolution means that no conviction is entered against Mr. Hansen and discharge will be granted upon successful completion of probation.

          Mr. Hansen was growing marijuana in the privacy of his home when a neighbor contacted police and his home was eventually raided by the New Ulm Police Department.  Three ounces of marijuana were found, in addition to several plants being grown for Mr. Hansen’s personal use.  Mr. Hansen used cannabis to treat his depression and anxiety.

          Mr. Hansen presented testimony to the Court arguing that marijuana is no longer a controlled substance because the Minnesota Legislature has labeled it a medicine that can be used safely under a health care professional’s observation.  Mr. Hansen called a medical doctor, and three PhDs, as well as the legal director of the National Health Freedom Coalition, at pre-trial hearings.

          In rejecting Mr. Hansen’s argument, the Court stressed that it is up to the Minnesota Legislature to change the designation of whether marijuana remains in Schedule I.

         As such, Mr. Hansen has taken his battle to the Legislature.  Thus far, he has directed three letters to the Legislature, pleading for a coherent construction of the law.  Under the present scenario, doctors remain fearful of being charged with sale of marijuana, so long as it remains under Schedule I.  Mr. Hansen has urged a final resolution removing marijuana as a Schedule I substance, and encourages the State to recognize Its own power in securing the benefits of marijuana as a medicine, as well as encouraging its development in other fields such as food, paper, plastics, textiles, clothing, and more.

          Mr. Hansen is grateful to the newly elected County Attorney’s office in Brown County.  Under this case settlement, Mr. Hansen is allowed to continue with his employment, as well as maintaining the strong bond he has with his son.  He is grateful to the Court for providing the chance to prove his desire to remain an upstanding citizen of Brown County and the State of Minnesota.  He remains hopeful that the debate regarding medical marijuana goes forward, and the Legislature determines to allow all the people of Minnesota to enjoy the numerous benefits of the plant.

(news article that appeared in the Mankato Free Press: )

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