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Minnesota House Okays Measure to Allow Cultivation of Industrial Hemp

Ricardo Lopez reports:

“House legislators on Monday voted 89 to 37 to allow farmers to cultivate industrial hemp in an amendment to the agriculture budget bill.

The measure, put forth by Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, and Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, was adopted despite objections that it could lead to the cultivation of marijuana.

Supporters of the measure sought to dispel such concerns, arguing that hemp fibers have many acceptable uses in paper, clothing and textiles, among other uses. Cultivation of marijuana would still be illegal.”


Under our present Minnesota law, marijuana is defined as the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Hemp and Cannabis are the same.  Each plant produces THC, regardless, an attempt to draw a line between the two plants.

The 2014 Federal Farm Act permits the growing of hemp.  Let us finally recognize that this is a crop that belongs to all of Minnesota, and start planting it.  Lord know, we are not going to be selling sugar for a whole lot longer.  Everybody realizes that sugar is bad for us.

Let us plant a crop that will be able to be used in paper, clothing, textiles, plastics, as well as feeding animals, and our selves.  Let us as Minnesotans lead the way for this crop to be used again, as when we founded this country.  

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