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Survey of Neurofeedback practitioners

In a recent survey of neurofeedback practitioners, the following answers were given in response to issues that were helped by neurofeedback:

  1. Sleep, ADD, ADHD, focus, concentration, attention
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stress, stress related issues, relaxation, and tension
  4. Depression
  5. PTSD, trauma
  6. Migraines, headaches
  7. Chronic pain, pain related symptoms, general well being
  8. Autism
  9. Anger, irritability, aggression
  10. Addiction
  11. Eating disorders
  12. Peak Performance
  13. Confidence
  14. OCD
  15. TBI
In a comprehensive survey study, clinicians and clients stated that they identified and felt improvements in the following areas:
  • Feelings of contentment, general wellbeing and joy in life
  • Being able to listen to others more intently
  • Dramatic increases in performance (musical, artistic,  and athletic) and continued progress
  • Prolonged states of calmness and relaxation
  • Increases in motivation, positive changes and ability to concentrate on tasks
  • Feeling more aligned with, or finding a purpose, in life

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