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Heart Learns About PTSD

As many of you know, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) has been changed to PTS. Perhaps this is an evolution of our consciousness.

However, I think it is necessary that we come to know what PTSD looks like, especially in our soldiers who have returned home.

Heart Of The City, by Mark Tatulli, talks and shows us what happens to people when they have been traumatized during war. I enjoyed this series of strips because it shows what criminal defense lawyers go through on a regular basis. We have perfectly sane and good clients who have returned home from trauma only to find it persisting. That is why I advocate neurofeedback-- because it helps to alleviate trauma in a matter that most can tolerate. It also increases joy and wonder in the world.

In any event, thank you to Mr. Tatulli for an enlightening journey into the world of PTS. Thank you, children, for helping us learn how to conquer PTS.

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