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Blog: 2015

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Free Speech: The Individual Liberty 12-30-2015
U.S. Supreme Court to Review Minnesota DWI Laws 12-29-2015
Possession of small amount of marijuana wax, not a felony! 11-24-2015
Blue Earth County Jail Roster 11-20-2015
DWI Law in Minnesota: Demand a warrant if a blood test is requested! 11-04-2015
Advice from Carolyn Hax 10-29-2015
The Story That Changed My Life 10-19-2015
“Forget Donald Trump; hemp can make America great again.” Says Julie Holland, Psychiatrist 10-14-2015
Tell Michelle It's Wonderful to Be There 09-11-2015
The Winning Caption from The New Yorker magazine 08-26-2015
Jon Hansen II Criminal Case Resolution 08-17-2015
Bill Keller article 06-29-2015
In Defense of Jolly Rancher Green Apple Candy, or Green Tongue as Grounds for Arrest or Detention in Marijuana Case 06-18-2015
Get a lawyer! 06-09-2015
Marijuana Helped Soldier with PTSD, Until He Was Caught 05-29-2015
Why Contract Lawyers Rarely Have a Second Date 05-28-2015
Texas House Committee Okays Full Marijuana Legalization Bill 05-11-2015
Minnesota House Okays Measure to Allow Cultivation of Industrial Hemp 05-11-2015
MO Farmer's Amendment Restores Farmer's Right To Grow 05-08-2015
"Make your love for this family solid and everything else flexible." 05-07-2015
Public Enemy #1 05-01-2015
Survey of Neurofeedback practitioners 04-16-2015
Heart Learns About PTSD 04-03-2015
Silence is Golden 04-03-2015
Wrong Judgment Leads to Reversal on Death Penalty Pt. 2 04-02-2015
Wrong Judgment Leads to Reversal on Death Penalty 03-31-2015
Wedding Vows 02-26-2015
Tips on how to beat a speeding ticket 02-26-2015
Birdseye View of Mankato 02-20-2015
Gas Tax 01-27-2015
Julie Ann Bergeman 01-22-2015