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Jon George Hansen II Legal Memorandum of Law

Please find our Legal Memorandum of Law in Support of Mr. Hansen’s motions to dismiss the charges pending, and to recover his lost property seized by Brown County, Minnesota authorities, as a result of an alleged marijuana grow in the privacy of his living room.

I am deeply grateful for the assistance of Veronica Lopez, Christian Taylor, Cora Hamann, and Marcella LaZebnik. In particular, I am grateful and deeply indebted to the legal research and writing provided by Elizabeth M. Levine, Attorney at Law, Mankato, Minnesota.

Take the time to read these words.  They are moving and inspiring.  They will propel us to a new future we all deserve.  Among the fundamental rights stressed in this legal document is recognition that love is a fundamental right. 

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Exupery told us.

Above all else, I am grateful to those who have gone before.  Billy Jo Clemons, Peter Landherr, Terry Domek, Hippy, and Jessica.  This is your message.  You are remembered.

I am grateful to the One and all who have assisted in the preparation of this legal memorandum of law.

I would also like to express my extreme gratitude to my parents, Doug and Gwen Johnson, Sr.  You instilled the discipline necessary for this rigorous study, saving the family farm.  This is the answer.

This Brief goes out to every single farmer, or future farmer, in the State of Minnesota.  There is money in this crop. And its not just in the flower top. Let us get smart, claim our rights, and march forward. This is our country.  Minnesota is our home.  Let it grow, live long, and prosper.

Finally, I thank Jon Hansen II, for his courage in standing up to a system in dire need of reform. We are at the brink of a new tomorrow.


Sincerely, Calvin P. Johnson 

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