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Terminally ill woman died on her own terms

“She died as she intended-peacefully in her bedroom, in the arms of her loved ones,” said a spokesman for the advocacy group Compassion and Choices of Brittany Maynard, a terminally ill woman who moved to Oregon to commit doctor assisted suicide.

For any of you who have loved ones with serious illnesses, I ask that you consider the quality of life that you desire at a critical time.  As Maynard said:

I think in the beginning my family members wanted a miracle; they wanted a cure for my cancer.  When we all sat down and looked at the facts, there isn’t a single person that loves me that wishes me more pain and more suffering.

Love is a fundamental right.  It sets the highest course, as we can see in this family solution.  We can care for another person, open our hearts, and know the right decision.

We send you lots of love on your journey home, Brittany Maynard.  May the Blessings Be.

Getting back to the reality of home, here on Earth, let us remember that Chernobyl launched a great deal of radioactive isotopes that are still circling the earth.  When they come down, it causes genetic mutations, which may appear as cancer. I believe there to be a causal link between the brain cancer that we are now noticing and Chernobyl.  Remember, we did this to our selves.  


 Below is a link to the Star Tribune article:

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