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Jon Hansen II Medical Marijuana Part 1

We have an incredible amount of information coming out in the Jon Hansen II’s medical marijuana case. Much of it was already assembled by a lawyer for the federal marijuana case pending in California. We want our Court in Brown County to consider her evidence also.

It is compelling. 

Please read the Statement of Grounds prepared by Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS,  Mitchell Earleywine, PhD, and Jason T. McGill, JD.

By reading these documents, you will come to understand that marijuana has been wrongly scheduled, and does not belong under Schedule I. Additionally, you will come to understand that marijuana, together with cannabis/hemp, is very necessary and essential for our health and wellbeing.

Also, you will see that there have been significant falsehoods concerning the nature of marijuana. Nobody dies when they use this, people seem to get well, peoples lives are made better.

I lead off with this because we are asking the Court to review this information in the context of our motion to declare marijuana not a Schedule I substance.

I will follow with the proposed testimony of the others tomorrow. This includes Dr. Carter’s. It is our hope and desire that Dr. Carter will be available to testify, however, he is presently before the United States District Court testifying in their case.

I hope all is well.



Calvin P. Johnson

Attorney at Law


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