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Apple's Encryption of Cloud Data

Apple is late to the show. News that Apple is encrypting its messages from local police eyes is slow on the uptake. The United States Supreme Court has already guaranteed that a warrant is necessary to search a phone.

Still, this development by Apple allowing a person to retain their privacy despite anyone's ability to get into their phone is important. In other words, even if the police get a search warrant, if they are unable to read the encrypted message, what good is their search?

The most important encrypted message that we contain is within our own DNA. This is why we fight so hard to make sure that our blood, breath, and urine samples collected by the State are done in conformity with the law.

The United States Supreme Court requires a search warrant (McNeely). However, the Minnesota Supreme Court responded in Brooks by proclaiming that the State can still threaten you with a crime, to obtain your consent in DWI cases. This is a terrible violation of law, and the United States Supreme Court in the case of Camara, that held such a threat to be unconstitutional.

We still have much work to do to protect our individual privacy rights.

I attach a link to the Bloomberg News article, by Jordan Robertson and Chris Strohm, for your review and consideration.


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