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“Hennepin County wants defense attorneys to pay back costs” By David Chanen, Star Tribune

Apparently Hennepin Co. attorney Mike Freeman believes it is easier to cut off the whole leg of the criminal justice system, to assuage his outrage in one case. The criminal justice system is a three legged stool: Judge, prosecutor, and defense. Mr. Freeman now believes that the prosecution is in a better position then a defense attorney to assess how to best represent a client, and accused. Unfortunately, he will be the first to say that he is unprepared to do what Michael McGlennen and Zachary Longsdorf do, defend those accused, defend the innocent, and to litigate, zealously, the rights of those who claim innocence. As Sir Thomas Moore warned his son in law, a prosecuting attorney in England, “If you get rid of all the laws to catch the devil, what are you going to hide behind when the devil turns on you?”

The criminal justice system is like a three legged stool. Cut off the leg for criminal defense, you have a stool that won’t stand. To change the whole criminal justice system to placate the anger of one individual does little to save costs. Being a criminal justice is often a thankless job. However, we are assisting those who must resist the entire resources brought onto them by the entire state of Minnesota. Let us do our job as best we can, knowing that we are always prepared to zealously represent those accused of violating the law. 

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