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What Defines Me

What defines me?

With humility as my guide, here are characteristics that I believe to be essential, as I represent you zealously:

1)  Character:  A good lawyer must possess a strong character.  Remember, Paul Newman said it best, “A man with no enemies is a man with no character.”  I do have enemies, due to this trait.  I realize that reputation goes with character.  However, reputation is just what other people think of me.  I have to live with my character, and I do so by fulfilling a duty to myself to be the best that I can be.

2)  Effective Negotiator:  Character is also important in order to be an effective negotiator.  This can be defined by a number of different means.  Clearly, I do not use power for most of my negotiations, because it is secondary to helping the true needs of my clients.  Rather, charity or love may be a better description.  Very few lawyers will define themselves this way.  However, I have found that my ability to settle a case is facilitated much more if I can use honey, instead of vinegar.

3)  Love vs. Power:  Additionally, for those lawyers who still relish power, I will reflect their power back to them.  That way they become the effect of their own cause.  I refuse to allow the power-seeking person to dominate my client.  I am here to protect my client to the fullest extent possible.  That means that we resist the power of the State and all its many manifestations.

4)  Knows the Court System:  I know the ropes.  I realize, for many, that I have been around forever.  I clearly have been practicing law for more years than most of my clients have been on this Earth.  It takes time to learn the system.  Former Speaker of the U.S. House, Tip O’Neill put it best when he said, “All politics is local.”  It is important to know the territory.

5)  Ethical:  This is one of the more difficult traits to talk about.  However, it is always important for me, as your lawyer to get the big picture.  By operating ethically, the truth is more easily ascertained.  More importantly, I need my opponents, as well as the court, to know that I am serious about what I am telling them, that I believe in what I say.  Ethics is a strong foundation for anyone.

6)  Zealous representation:  I am willing to stand up for my client.  I have taken cases that have lasted years, because my client was strong enough, and we believed in facilitating a new vision for liberty and justice in our community.  Sometimes that vision had life-long and far reaching consequences.  As an example, in representing one old farmer for over six years in a small county, the State ofMinnesotapassed a whole new law dealing with complementary and alternative healthcare. (see MS §146A)

In representing another, every single cop in this State was forced to honor the privacy rights of an individual in a public place (see State v. Cripps).  The list goes on.

I am willing to stand up to the court.  I am willing to stand up to the prosecutor, as well as the police.  I have done so, and will continue to fully represent every client to the extent that the law allows.  This is my commitment to you.

7) Providence:  I look to a higher power for assistance.  This is just the nature of my makeup.  I accept all for who they are, including their belief systems.  Each of us is on our own journey.  It is my commitment to assist you on your journey to the greatest extent that I am able.

8)  Humility:  Humility is essential.  In my opinion, only in humility can I approach my higher power.

9)  I love being a criminal defense lawyer:  Above all, I enjoy my work.  I enjoy working with my clients.  I am continually amazed by the positive changes that I see among those matriculating through my office and through the court system.  It is a heartwarming experience to find one who is so down on their luck when they came in, to see them transform into a loving, productive citizen of our community, and the communities that they will go to live in, when fulfilling their life mission.

10)  Great work staff.  Great work place:  Last, and certainly not least, I have a wonderful staff with whom I work.  Our facilities are comfortable and promote a relaxed freedom, helping to reduce fear and anxiety.  Witness preparation is one our specialties.  We begin with you.  You are our most important witness.  You are our client.

Thank you for your consideration.


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