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Eye Witness Identification

Dear Members of the Public,

Eye Witness Identification evidence is responsible for three out of every four false convictions in DNA cases.  It has alerted us to the frailties and possibility of error in obtaining wrongful convictions.

We have recently tried a case in Watonwan County, where four people positively identified the accused as being the perpetrator.  The jury came back with a verdict of 11 to 1, in favor of not guilty (acquittal).

There is no question whatsoever that the jury attributed a great deal of importance to our eye witness identification expert.  They told the judge when they came in for questions.

How can this happen?  Why can somebody make a mistake?

We posed this question to an eyewitness identification evidence expert from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  His name is Doctor Otto MacLin.  He told us how mistakes can happen.  These important considerations are available for all who may have been falsely accused.

All of these eye witness identification cases illustrate the importance of an objective means of investigation by the legal authorities.  If they come in with a preconceived idea as to who is guilty, that person may end up not only being charged, but being falsely convicted.

I give this as notice to any who may have this issue in their case.  Please refer to our website,, in the legal news section to view some of the documentation that we obtained from this particular case.

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