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Attorney Calvin P. Johnson

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Criminal Defense Attorney Calvin P. Johnson has tried and won numerous criminal cases. He is a leader in his field. A strong advocate of our constitutional and fundamental rights, he implements change in the law where it is needed. He negotiates successful case resolutions from a position of power, with the ability and knowledge to challenge complex legal issues. He is a strong advocate for justice and equality.

Mankato Criminal Defense Attorney Calvin P. Johnson began his law firm on May 12, 1980, three days after he was sworn in as an attorney in the State of Minnesota.

Calvin is the former Chief Public Defender of the Fifth Judicial District, comprising 15 counties in Southern Minnesota. He started the first full-time public defender office in out-state Minnesota. He is a member of the Minnesota Bar Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Calvin specializes in criminal defense. He is a strong advocate for the accused.

Calvin has worked extensively with the judges and prosecutors throughout southern Minnesota. His relationships enable open communication and forthrightness in his negotiations.

He has handled murder, criminal sexual conduct, theft, embezzlement, drug cases, DWI/DUI's, welfare fraud, computer fraud, white collar crime, motor vehicle forfeitures, license plate forfeiture, and practically every kind of criminal case imaginable. Calvin has successfully defended against unlawful search and seizure, and arrests. He has prevented the state from using unlawfully obtained evidence, including the results of alcohol concentration tests.

Calvin ensures that his clients understand their case. Calvin's clients feel safe and secure,as he enables them to fully understand the legal system. He will explain all available options, allowing his clients to take responsibility for the direction of their case. He strongly urges his clients to consider all of the ramifications of his/her actions and decisions.

Calvin is a strong proponent of freedom of choice in health care, and worked for 6 years on the famous milk-farmer case, succesfully defending against fraud and practicing medicine without a license.

Calvin Johnson believes in our system of justice, the Bill of Rights (link is external) and our State (link is external) and Federal Constitution (link is external).

When confidentiality matters most, people come to the Calvin P. Johnson Law Firm, LLC, defending your rights since 1980. Calvin Johnson wants you to know you are in control of your case, and you are not alone in fighting legal charges.

Legal Assistant Marcella LaZebnik

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Intelligence. Experience. Intuition. Legal Assistant Marcella LaZebnik is a Spanish speaker and an incomparably strong proponent for justice.  She is a natural leader and motivated investigator with a deep understanding of the needs of our community.  Marcella attends to the complexity and detail required for even the most complex cases.

Incredibly talented, Marcella was raised in Jackson, Michigan before moving to Tucson, Arizona for high school.  She learned significant cultural lessons from her parents.  Her mother is from Mexico City and her father’s family came from Eastern Europe.  Her grandfather was a judge and lawyer in Mexico.  He withstood the pressures of the Mexican government's attempts to dictate conscience.  Her family rejected repressive, totalitarian regimes, and came to America because of its promise of freedom.

She is a world traveler and also a citizen of Israel.  She lived on kibbutz, and also in Jerusalem where she attended and received her B.A. at the Hebrew University.

She is committed to improving the world, one human being at a time.  Marcella believes in tikkun ha-olam or “repairing the world.”  In the end, it is up to each and every one of us to help and attempt to make the world a better place for everyone, locally and globally.  Life is difficult, but it is important to do the right thing in the face of challenge.

Marcella will initiate a concrete, goal-oriented series of steps that will help you reach some of your significant life goals.

Legal Assistant Cora Hamann

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Cora Hamann is calm, compassionate, and highly proficient. As a legal assistant, she is specialized in DWI and driver's license matters. Cora is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and can pinpoint errors in police procedure. She effectively manages the intracacies of each case, helping our clients to feel informed and secure.

With over 8 years experience assisting in the field of criminal defense, Cora is well acquainted with the intricacies of the criminal justice system, especially as it relates to DWI / DUI, driver's license revocations & cancellations, and other driver's license matters. Oftentimes, the loss of a driver's license can cause a great deal of hardship for a person. Cora can help minimize the impact by being available to answer your questions, and help work towards driver's license reinstatement, including navigating the complex rules and regulations of the State's Ignition Interlock Program. Locally born and raised, Cora has a deep sense of community, and genuine desire to help people.  She enjoys spending time with family, fresh air, and music.


Attorney Jim Kuettner

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Mankato criminal defense attorney James Kuettner attended William Mitchell College of Law (now Mitchell | Hamline) focusing on courses that teach practical skills of an attorney, including trial skills, negotiation, and mediation. While in law school, he tried three mock jury trials, numerous mock bench trials, and a juvenile certification trial.

Jim received the Kirwin Award for Legal Professionalism in his first year. This award is given once a year to the student who most exemplifies what it means to be an attorney. Upon graduation, Jim received the prestigious Student of Merit award. This award is given once per graduating class to a student deserving of such recognition.

Prior to starting his own law firm, Kuettner Legal, in Mankato, MN, Jim worked as a law clerk, for Judge Moore, in Nobles County. He is highly skilled in the practice of legal research and writing. Attorney James Kuettner has extensive experience and understanding of the complexities of the law and will apply that knowledge to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. He will explain all available options, allowing his clients to take responsibility for the direction of their case.

Attorney James Kuettner has successfully defended against unlawful search and seizure, and has prevented the state from using unlawfully obtained evidence. He is comfortable and confident in the courtroom, and able to effectively argue on your behalf.

Jim also served on numerous boards and councils, including the Minnesota State Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution board, the student chapter of the Minnesota Justice Foundation, and a Public Interest Law Fellowship co-chair.

Prior to law school, Jim was a wine buyer and restaurant manager. There, he learned a sense of justice which fueled his passion for the law. He is a natural public speaker and enjoys the company of people. In his spare time, Jim still enjoys good books, good food and wine, and the outdoors.